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"Change of Plans" (2011) ****/5
"A Star Is Born" (1954) *****/5
"Despicable Me" (2009) ****/5
"The Duchess" (2008) ****/5
"Never Let Me Go" (2010) ****/5
"The Romantics" (2010) **/5
"Shakespeare In Love" (1998) ***/5
"How To Train Your Dragon" (2010) ****/5
"The Illusionist" (2010) ***/5
"The Fighter" (2010) ***/5

Ethel Wilson's Swamp Angel (ENGL 359) ***/5
Joy Kogawa's Obasan (ENGL 359) ***/5
George Ryga's The Ecstasy of Rita Joe (ENGL 359) **/5
Colin McGinn'a Mindfucking (CMNS 428 AFFECT)
Harry G. Frankfurt's On Bullshit
Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights (re-read, ongoing)
Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre (ongoing)
Jane Austen's Sense & Sensibility (ongoing)
Sophie Kinsella's Mini Shopaholic (ongoing)

First Song of 2011: The Animals - It's My Life
Personal Anthem: David Archuleta - The Other Side Of Down
Mad Men, After Hours (Music From The Original Series) [Soundtrack]
David Archuleta - Senseless
Judy Garland - The Man That Got Away
The Rapture - Echoes (Misfits Theme)
She & Him - Don't Look Back
Glee Cast - Rose's Turn
Adele - Rolling In The Deep (from 21)
Bryan Greenberg - You Can Run (feat. Kid Cudi)
Rachel Portman - Never Let Me Go
Joseph Gordon-Levitt - With A Little Help From My Friends
Glee Cast - Thriller / Heads Will Roll
Glee Cast - Firework
Lady Gaga - Born This Way
Brooke White - Say Goodbye
Allison Iraheta - Crazy For You
Ron Weasley & Hermione Granger - Tiny Ball of Light
Billboard – #1 Billboard Hits From 1956-2011
The Beatles "LOVE"
Thia Megia - Chasing Pavements
Casey Abrams - Georgia On My Mind
Tim Halperin & Julie Zorrilla - Something
Paul McDonald & Kendra Chantelle - Blackbird
Pia Toscano & Karen Rodriguez - Can't Buy Me Love
The Grand Magnolias - American Dreams
Tim Halperin - The Last Song
Casey Abrams - I'll Put A Spell On You
Pia Toscano - I'll Stand By You
Thia Megia - Out Here On My Own
Pia Toscano - All By Myself
Casey Abrams - I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends
Karen Rodriguez - I Could Fall In Love
Paul McDonald - Come Pick Me Up
David Cook - Don't You Forget About Me
Paul Toscano - Sweet Love
Glee Cast - Animal
Glee Cast - Blackbird
Glee Cast - Trouty Mouth
Glee Cast - Hell To The No
Glee Cast - Get It Right
Glee Cast - Loser Like Me

American Idol: Season 10
Mad Men

American Idol: Season 10
Mad Men

JANUARY: Rang in 2011 by watching David Archuleta perform on TV; New laptop; Watched Community; Watched Mad Men Season 4; James Van Der Memes Week; My 22nd Birthday; Brooke White's acting debut in "Change of Plans"; Wrote a film review on "Change of Plans" (endorsed by Brooke White herself); Watched Misfits; Commenced Spring 2011 semester at SFU (ENGL 359 - British Columbia Literature; CMNS 428 - Power & Affect); Golden Globes 2011: CHRIS COLFER WINS BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR AWARD FOR GLEE! ♥ JESUS BALE; Casting News: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman and Tom Hardy as Bale in "The Dark Knight Rises" !!!; Watching Sherlock; Season 10 of American Idol starts; Harry Potter and Heart of a Dragon swag!; Job interview with Pi Theatre; Birthday dinner at Joey Restaurant; Shopping the January sales; James "Trollface" Franco

FEBRUARY: Tensions in the Middle East in Egypt, Libya, etc; Sephora by OPI Glee nail polish collection; Free Build A Bear!; Bryan Greenberg at the Media Club; Puppy Bowl/Superbowl/Glee Spectacular; Michael Johns Twitter Party; Vanity Fair's Hollywood Issue; Christian Bale sings the Powerpuff Girls Theme Song; Tom Hardy win's the Rising Star Award at the BAFTAs!; Grammys 2011; Valentine's Day; Reading Week; IBM's Watson on Jeopardy; American Idol Season 10 Hollywood Week, Vegas Rounds & Top 24 Reveal; David Archuleta splits from Jive Records; Job interviews job interviews job interviews; oh look! snow!; For Your Consideration Blog; Anne Hathaway hosts and James Franco trolls the 83rd annual Academy Awards; The King's Speech wins the Oscar for Best Picture!; Watching Mad Men Season 4

MARCH: Billboard Hot 100 Dance Party; Heartbreak and robbery as American Idol narrows down the Top 24 to Top 13;

JANUARY: Astrology Reading 2011; Happy 22nd Birthday to me/"Change of Plans" (Thanks, Brooke!)


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